Meet Gratina

Gratina ensures you never run out of things to be grateful for every single day. She is also there to life your spirit up when it's needed.

Daily Reminders

Just set when you want to be reminded to journal and let Gratina handle the rest. She will be incessant in reminding you to be grateful for the little things you'd otherwise never think of.

Habit Tracker + Curated Self-Help Feed

Built-in trackers to help you keep your mental health in shape and a well curated self-help feed to kick in some spice.

Gratitude Bucket

A collection of the little things you were grateful for in your life time. It is a wonderful thing to reminisce about from time to time especially when things aren't going the way you want it to.

Ad-Free + Privacy ✅

We are just not in the business of selling data/ annoying you with ads. In fact, we don't store anything on the servers. Don't believe us? Try clearing the app storage from Settings and all your data should be gone. Poof!